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A Strikeforce fight between Andrei Arlovski and Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva has apparently been confirmed.

It has been reported and confirmed by at least one source that one time EliteXC heavyweight champion Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva is going to fight Andrei Arlovski in a Strikeforce fight on CBS.

According to Silva’s manager, Alex Davis, the rumors of the fight are true. Alex said, “We wanted to fight Brett Rogers, but he didn’t want to fight ‘Bigfoot'” and “Arlovski is a great opponent, a victory over him puts Antonio in a great situation. Our goal is to fight against the champion or Fedor.”

This should be a very good fight. Both are high caliber MMA fighters who have been at the top of their sport at one time or another. I personally think that Andrei Arlovski will win because I still remember when that man was a machine that couldn’t be stopped. But we all know that anything can and does happen in the cage.