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The Bloody Cage’s Top 10 Pound-for-Pound MMA Fighter Rankings for 2016:

1) Jon Jones
2) Demetrious Johnson
3) Conor McGregor
4) Robbie Lawler
5) Fabricio Werdum
6) Rafael Dos Anjos
7) TJ Dillashaw
8) Luke Rockhold
9) Jose Aldo
10) Holly Holm

(Our MMA rankings updated as of January 2016)


Top 10 Pound-for-Pound MMA Fighter Rankings 2014:

1) Jon Jones
2) Jose Aldo
3) Renan Barao
4) Cain Velasquez
5) Demetrious Johnson
6) Chris Weidman
7) Anderson Silva
8) Anthony Pettis
9) Johny Hendricks
10) Ronda Rousey


The current top 10 pound-for-pound MMA fighters in the world for 2013 are listed below.

1) Anderson Silva (middleweight)
2) Jon Jones (light heavyweight)
3) Georges St-Pierre (welterweight)
4) Jose Aldo (featherweight)
5) Benson Henderson (lightweight)
6) Demetrious Johnson (flyweight)
7) Cain Velasquez (heavyweight)
8) Gilbert Melendez (lightweight)
9) Renan Barao (bantanweight)
10) Frankie Edgar (featherweight)


Fallon Fox is an American mixed martial artist. And is said to be the first transgender fighter in MMA.

She is undefeated in her professional MMA career thus far. Fighting out of Chicago, Illinois and the Midwest Training Center, she has gained this record through the Championship Fighting Alliance and a lot of controversy has come with it in the UFC and other mixed martial arts communities due to the fact that she was born a male.

Country: United States
State: Illinois
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 144 lbs
Association: Midwest Training Center
Class: Featherweight
Record: 5-1

What do you think about Fallon Fox fighting in MMA as a woman who used to be a man?


A recent attempted armed robbery of a Los Angeles hotel was stopped by two mixed martial artists that had just arrived from Oregon for a BJJ tournament in Long Beach, CA. Together they subdued the robber and one of them put him in a choke hold until police arrived.

Check it out…

Let this be a lesson — It’s a bad idea to rob a hotel when two mixed martial arts fighters are checking in at the same time!