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As we are approaching the Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather (fight) boxing match, I would love to hear all of your thoughts on it.

Personally, I think McGregor would quite literally destroy Mayweather in a REAL fight. It’s just not even a debate – in my opinion. If these two met in an alley outside a bar one night then McGregor would beat the living shit out of Mayweather.

However, this is not a fight, it is a boxing match, so I have to say Mayweather is almost certainly going to win. He’s one of the best boxers in history going against an MMA fighter with some boxing skills. It’s just not a fair matchup when we are talking pure boxing.

Obviously (at least to me) McGregor is the tougher man of the two. If you are looking for someone to have your back in a brawl then I don’t see how you couldn’t choose McGregor 100% of the time?! He would absolutely fuck Mayweather up in any actual fight, but this is a boxing match, so I have to give a huge advantage to Mayweather.

What do you think? Leave a comment below…

The fight will happen at the T-Mobile Arena in Paradise, Nevada on August 26, 2017.


What is a bruiser?


It’s a tough guy, someone who can fight and take a punch, he has thick skin, a strong jaw, and can deliver a heavy fist. The type of guy you don’t want to mess with. He doesn’t take shit from anyone. Soft spoken and quiet, he doesn’t start fights, he only finishes them. A real badass!

So, you want to learn how to be a bruiser?

Here’s how…

1) Start fighting! That might sound too simple or like bad advice to some, but the fact is that if you want to become a bruiser you must fight! The more you do it, the better you become at it. You might lose more than you win, or even flat out get your ass kicked most of the time, but that is helping you. Just get up and keep going! Never back down, never show pain, never admit defeat. You gotta brawl if you wanna be a badass! Eventually it will pay off.

2) Learn! I recommend this course for those of you wanting to do it yourself at home: HARDCORE FIGHTING SECRETS

3) Keep training, learning, and fighting! You can’t become the baddest dude out there if you don’t.

Be a bruiser. Don’t get bullied. Don’t be scared. You will be surprised at how tough you really are if you set your mind to defeating anyone who messes with you!


What is hand to hand combat and how to be good at it…

Hand-to-hand combat is the most ancient form of fighting and refers to a physical confrontation between two or more people at a very short range without the use of guns or other weapons that can be used from a long distance away. It can be a lethal or nonlethal form of fighting, and even though the phrase “hand to hand” appears to mean unarmed combat, it is generic and may include the use of short range weapons such as knives, bats, batons, or other improvised striking weapons.

Arguably the most famous and skilled hand-to-hand combat fighters in history are almost certainly the gladiators of the ancient Roman empire. Professional gladiators were highly trained and very proficient in many forms of fighting tactics. And the gladiatorial games were a spectacle that has never been rivaled since those days. The closest thing we have in the modern day are the mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters of the UFC.

If you ever find yourself in hand to hand combat situation or close quarters fight where you might be truly fighting for your life, you need to be prepared. So here are a few tips for winning:

* The first thing you should do is learn at least one martial art right now. There’s no time like the present to learn how to fight. If you put it off then it may be too late when a situation arises where you need to be skilled in hand to hand combat.

Here are some that I recommend for learning fighting tactics that will help you in true self-defense and other combat situations that often happen in the real world:

– Krav Maga
– Wrestling/Grappling
– Brazilian Jiu-jitsu
– Muay Thai/Kickboxing

* A large part of winning a real fight is focusing. You need to see who your opponent is and what state of mind he is in. Envision ahead of time what your opponent is going to do and act accordingly. Be quick and methodical with your moves. Have no mercy, but don’t lose your head.

* Practice a lot. Everyone knows that practice makes perfect not matter what it is you are doing. Imagine yourself in various H2H combat situations, picture yourself fighting, know what you could and would do in each scenario. Mentally train yourself to defeat any opponent.

* Get in shape and stay that way. Very few things will defeat you faster than being out of shape. Fights are physically exhausting so the better trained your body is for them the better off you will be in the event you are attacked.

One final and very important tip to remember that could save your life some day…

In a real street fight or self-defense situation, you should NEVER try flashy or cool looking moves that you may have seen in some movie or show. They are very risky and rarely work in a real combat situation. It’s quite likely that you will end up getting your ass kicked if you try some crazy drop kick or anything else that only works on TV. The bottom line is that you should never copy movies!

Becoming good at hand to hand combat is not something you can do overnight. It will take time, effort, training, and even some real life experience. You never know what’s going to happen so your best bet is to prepare now so you won’t be helpless later!


In this awesome street fight bar brawl scene from the movie Knockaround Guys, Vin Diesel gives what is now famously known as the “500 fights speech” before kicking the shit out of a local tough guy…

“500 fights, that’s the number I figured when I was a kid. 500 street fights and you could consider yourself a legitimate tough guy. You need them for experience. To develop leather skin. So I got started. Of course, along the way you stop thinking about being tough and all that. It stops being the point. You get past the silliness of it all. But then, after, you realize that’s what you are.”

What a badass!


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