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When Randy Couture (MMA legend) absolutely dominated and embarrassed James Toney (Boxing legend) at UFC 118 recently, you would think it would have quieted down the boxing faithful who have always been very open about how they think boxers can beat MMA fighters. I told myself that I was going to stay out of this but after seeing all the boxing fans still running their mouths on the forums and blogs, I decided to speak up.

Let me start with some of the arguments I have seen being made over and over again by the “boxers” about this particular fight between Randy Couture and James Toney…

1) Toney is too old.

That makes no sense at all because Couture is 5 years OLDER than him.

2) Toney isn’t the best boxer anymore.

That may be true but he was the current IBA Heavyweight champion at the time of the fight, so apparently he wasn’t too bad. Even so, the same argument could be made for Couture. He was past his glory days and not one of the top UFC/MMA fighters anymore.

3) Couture didn’t stand up with him.

Why would he? It was a Mixed Martial Arts fight — NOT a boxing match. The whole point of MMA is to be well rounded in your skills so you are more than just a one dimensional fighter. Nobody ever said Couture was a better boxer than Toney. He’s not. But he is a better fighter all around.

4) Why didn’t they (the UFC) choose someone else to represent the boxers?

They didn’t “choose” anyone. It was Toney, and the boxing faithful in general, who are so convinced that they are superior fighters. He came to the UFC looking for a fight and he talked trash all the way to the end. The UFC didn’t go to him.

5) Toney was out of shape.

Well, if that’s true then it’s his own fault. He claims to have trained for this fight for several months and lost a lot of weight for it. Maybe he should have trained harder! Either way he still had the size advantage over Couture.

6) The UFC is for savages so who cares.

Once again this makes no sense to me coming from a boxing fan because in that regard they are very similar to each other. Both consist of two guys (or women) beating the crap out of each other. Blood and injuries are common in both sports.

Alright, now let me get to some facts…

Real fights go to the ground. That’s just the way it is. You rarely see two guys just standing there trading blows with each other in a real world fight. It’s not realistic. And if you can’t take the other person down, defend yourself from being taken down, or know what to do once you are on the ground, then you are at a major disadvantage!

* A boxer has one skill… He knows how to Box! They are powerful and fast punchers, and they are good at avoiding getting punched.

* An MMA fighter has several skills… Wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing, Submissions, Judo, Karate, and many more. They can do it all.

Now, please be honest with yourself. Do you really think a true boxer stands a chance against a true MMA practitioner? No way!

Yes, I admit, it could happen. Anything can happen in a fight. A boxer might catch the MMA fighter with a solid punch and knock him out before he has a chance to do anything. However, it is more than reasonable to assume that most of the time the mixed martial artist is going to win. They will take the boxer down and have their way with him — just like Couture did to Toney!

Boxing is just ONE part of mixed martial arts. In a true boxing match the boxer has a distinct advantage. But in a true FIGHT the MMA fighter clearly has a huge advantage.

I do give James Toney credit for being man enough to step up and try to prove his sport is superior. He got embarrassed in the process but at least he tried. That’s more than can be said for the rest of the boxing world who do a lot of trash talking but don’t step up!

Boxing vs. MMA isn’t even a comparison in my opinion!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject. Leave your comments below…


12 Responses to “Boxing versus MMA = No Comparison”

  • Joe says:

    I definitely agree that 95% of the time an MMA fighter would destroy a boxer in a real fight!

  • Troy says:

    I’ve been a fan of boxing since I was a kid and haven’t really ever gotten into watching UFC fighting but I do agree that most of the time a UFC fighter would beat a boxer in a true fight, unless they were forced to stand up. But that’s not what happens in an actual fight.

  • Rob T says:

    MMA all the way! I’d put my money on a top level UFC fighter over a top level boxer any day.

  • Wolfman says:

    In a standing slugfest the boxer is almost always going to win. In an all out fight the mixed martial artist is almost always going to win. That’s just the way it is. No disrespect to either sport.

  • Sarah says:

    I don’t care about either but my boyfriend is a crazy sports fan so I am forced to watch everything. From what I have seen I would say that UFC fighters would kick the crap out of boxers. But I don’t really know.

  • Rick says:

    Boxers tough? LOL! I would bet my money on your average tough guy street fighter against most boxers. Against a trained MMA fighter they don’t stand a chance unless they get lucky.

  • dante says:

    have of all the shit posted on this page is based off of nothing other then ignorance. you guys are all talkin shit about james toney cus he got rocked in the octagon yeh he did he got his shit rocked, but if couture got into the ring with toney he woulda got ate in the first round and still noone would have a bad word to say. my point is you guys are a bunch of ignorant retards who really dont know anything about either sport. get ya facts straight. how do ya think about that?

  • David says:

    In a boxing match the boxer wins every time. In a true fight or something close to it, such as a mixed martial arts fight, the MMA guy wins every time. So, in my opinion, that makes the MMA fighters actually tougher when it comes down to it.

    But I don’t think Boxing vs MMA can be compared as sports simply because they are two entirely different things with just a few similarities. I like them both equally as sports but being an older guy who grew up watching boxing it will always still have a spot in my heart.

  • Sean says:

    I totally agree with you in mostly everything. James Toney however shouldn’t be the representative to fairly declare that boxing is far inferior to MMA… hes old, out of shape, and did you see his training? All he did was training his boxing! What a dumbass.

    If a smart boxer who took MMA just as seriously as boxing stepped in the ring I’m sure they would be more capable and put up more of a fight than James Toney.

  • Randy Briggs says:

    @dante – For someone calling everyone else ignorant I would say it’s quite obvious that your comment is by far the most ignorant one here. I am a huge boxing fan and it’s people like you that give the sport and its fans a bad name! I have nothing against UFC or mixed martial arts in general, but I grew up watching boxing and even boxed for a few years myself when I was younger.

    Obviously a top MMA fighter has the advantage over a top boxer in a real fight. They are simply more well-rounded and have several different fighting skills. In a stand up blow-for-blow brawl there is no question the boxer would win, but that’s not what happens in a true fight. Believe me, I have been in plenty of them.

    As far as UFC versus boxing is concerned I would much rather watch a good boxing match than a MMA fight. But if I had to choose one to watch my back I would pick the UFC fighter any day.

  • Trent says:


    Yes, I agree. If a great boxer decided to take MMA training seriously enough to actually become competitive in UFC then they probably could do well. They obviously already have some skill in fighting and are used to training very hard.

    However, if that happened they would technically be a MMA fighter now instead of just a boxer. So we wouldn’t be comparing two different things anymore. It would simply be a MMA fighter against another MMA fighter.

    A pure boxer doesn’t stand a chance versus a UFC fighter in a real fight or an MMA match. That’s no disrespect to boxing in any way. It’s just a fact. And more or less that’s what it was in the Toney vs Couture fight. A boxer with very little MMA skills got dominated. It would happen to any boxer that didn’t get the proper training over an extended period of time.

    The same thing would happen if a UFC fighter tried to take on a great boxer in a pure boxing match. They wouldn’t stand a chance. But if we are trying to decide who the truly “tougher” guy is or who would win in a “real” fight, then I think you have to give the advantage to a UFC fighter over any boxer.

  • Tyrone says:

    Depends on the individual fighters. I myself box and did “a bit of this, a bit of that” as they say including Mauy Thai, taekwondo and a bit of BJJ. In my experience of training the boxing is hardest. When fighting, the boxer is tougher (they don’t get the option of grappling compared to an MMA match where the g rappling does reduce the power) the only weapon is striking. However in a street fight, it largely depends on the fighters for example put Mike Tyson in a fight with a BJJ fighter… Tyson would kill the BJJ fighter and there are examples of it being the other way round. (None come to mind) as a personal choice I’d use my boxing before anything else in a street fight. A kick can be stopped if grabbed by the foot, more than one opponent and I take it to the ground and I’ll get booted, I feel my punches are my best weapon tbb, but that’s personal choice. If a boxer learnt leg defense and taken down defense then he is in my opinion unstoppable. That’s just the way I see it, but as for the actual arts in theory MMA in practice it depends on the fighters.

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