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The Ultimate Fighter 16 — Shane Carwin vs Roy Nelson — Are you ready for the new season? Who do you think will win? Who is the better coach? The better fighter?

Roy Nelson and Dana White don’t seem to agree on anything and he’s not your typical fighter as far as his body and looks are concerned, but he can obviously bang with the best of them. And Shane Carwin is a badass, to put it mildly.

I’m rooting for “Big Country” in this one for several reasons but mostly because I have been watching him all the way back since when he was in the International Fight League (IFL). How about you?


We are still a little ways from UFC 200 but it will be here before we know it. The UFC events come and go so quickly that it can often be difficult to keep up with which one is happening.

If UFC 100 is anything to go by then it’s a sure bet that UFC 200 will be a huge event and extremely popular in the fighting world for both fans and the fighters themselves. I’m sure the fight card will be second to none and the fighter salaries will be the highest ever.

What is the UFC 200 Fight Card?
What are the UFC 200 Fighter Salaries?

I think it’s time we start the discussion so when it gets here we will be ready to rock! Leave a comment below for who you would like to see on the main fight card and how much you think the fighters will (or should) get paid…

Update: It looks like we finally have the UFC 200 Fight Card (subject to change) and here it is…

UFC 200 Fight Card

Do we know the fighter salaries yet? I haven’t been able to find them. If you know then please comment below.