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Mixed Martial Arts which is also know as MMA is one of the most popular types of fighting styles in the whole world. A lot of professional competitors affiliate themselves with this kind of fighting way. To learn more about this, it is important to know some of the various techniques and styles used in this fighting. One must also learn the various strategies needed to control the fight.

This kind of fighting existed centuries ago. It is said that early in Greek history, techniques in freestyle fighting were already practiced by Greek fighters. They called this pankration. This became a part of the Olympic games. Later on, the Romans were influenced and had their own version which is more violent. Through the years, different people around the globe appreciated this way of fighting. Various versions of MMA fighting emerged from different parts of the world. Since then, wrestling also became popular around the world.

One of the most remarkable progressions of this kind of combat arts was when it first started in the United States. It was called the Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC which matched different people around the globe. When the International Sport Combat Federation or ISCF was created, it made the Ultimate Fighting Championship a legal worldwide sport. They also made a lot of modifications to the rules. These rules are made for the sake of the fighters well being.

Mixed martial arts is a type of combating arts that requires full body contact during competition. There are no weapons needed or used during the bouts. All the fighters have to do to win the battle is to use the tactics and styles they know best. It is actually a freestyle way of fighting. It is a type of sport wherein professional fighters from different categories are welcome to join and use any techniques they know.

Some of the fighting art techniques that are often seen in these fights are the ways of Sumo, Boxing, Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, Muai Thai, Karate, Judo, Wrestling, and more. Most of the fighters from these categories know other styles in fighting. They are not always exclusively using the techniques from just one style.

There are many disciplines wherein a fighter can choose to train himself. The techniques of karate, boxing, kickboxing, Muai Thai, and the like are examples of the stand up ways. The clinch holding is more on clinching an opponent to prevent him from going away to release a strike. The ground ways are more of grappling, takedowns, and joint locks.

Even though that there are rules governing the fight, those limitations are made in a sense that they protect the fighter from acquiring a more serious injury. It was also made to prevent the progression of damage. The limitations that were created were made without taking away the true essence of freestyle fighting. They may vary at times, but the common prohibited rules are hitting the groin, striking the eye, spinal lock, and small joint manipulation.

There are also other special techniques that can be used as wise techniques in mixed martial arts. The sprawl and brawl technique is used by a stand up fighter to avoid the taking down attack of a ground fighter. The ground and pound technique which uses throws and takedowns to bring an opponent down, is used by a ground fighter to have his ground style technique more dominating. The submission grappling is used to lock the opponent down to make him submit.

To go well with sparring, a mixed martial arts practitioner must be in good physical condition, good mind, good shape, and be in good health. It is also important for a fighter to know a variety of techniques to be able to become more flexible. It is an advantage on the fighter’s side if he has skills in many different disciplines and he knows how to counteract his opponents other strikes or techniques. These are just some of the many ingredients that make a great MMA fighter.

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