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Here are lists of the current top 10 MMA fighters in the world at each weight class as well as the overall pound-for-pound top to MMA fighters.

Top 10 pound-for-pound MMA fighters:

1) Georges St. Pierre
2) Anderson Silva
3) Fedor Emelianenko
4) Brian Bowles
5) Lyoto Machida
6) B.J. Penn
7) Brock Lesnar
8) Jose Aldo
9) Quinton Jackson
10) Shinya Aoki

Top 10 heavyweight MMA fighters:

1) Fedor Emelianenko
2) Brock Lesnar
3) Cain Velasquez
4) Frank Mir
5) Junior dos Santos
6) Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
7) Josh Barnett
8) Brett Rogers
9) Fabricio Werdum
10) Shane Carwin

Top 10 Light Heavyweight MMA fighters:

1) Lyoto Machida
2) Quinton Jackson
3) Rashad Evans
4) Gegard Mousasi
5) Forrest Griffin
6) Mauricio Rua
7) Vitor Belfort
8) Randy Couture
9) Antonio Rogerio Nogueira
10) Thiago Silva

Top 10 Middleweight MMA fighters:

1) Anderson Silva
2) Chael Sonnen
3) Dan Henderson
4) Wanderlei Silva
5) Nate Marquardt
6) Jake Shields
7) Demian Maia
8) Mamed Khalidov
9) Robbie Lawler
10) Thales Leites

Top 10 welterweight MMA fighters:

1) Georges St. Pierre
2) Jon Fitch
3) Josh Koscheck
4) Thiago Alves
5) Nick Diaz
6) Dan Hardy
7) Paulo Thiago
8) Matt Serra
9) Paul Daley
10) Matt Hughes

Top 10 lightweight MMA fighters:

1) B.J. Penn
2) Shinya Aoki
3) Kenny Florian
4) Eddie Alvarez
5) Tatsuya Kawajiri
6) Gray Maynard
7) Frankie Edgar
8) Diego Sanchez
9) Mizuto Hirota
10) Takanori Gomi

Top 10 featherweight MMA fighters:

1) Jose Aldo
2) Mike Thomas Brown
3) Urijah Faber
4) Michihiro Omigawa
5) Marlon Sandro
6) Bibiano Fernandes
7) Masanori Kanehara
8) Deividas Taurosevicius
9) Hatsu Hioki
10) Josh Grispi

Top 10 bantamweight MMA fighters:

1) Brian Bowles
2) Miguel Torres
3) Wagnney Fabiano
4) Joseph Benavidez
5) Masakazu Imanari
6) Masakatsu Ueda
7) Dominick Cruz
8) Rani Yahya
9) Scott Jorgensen
10) Charlie Valencia

Top 10 flyweight MMA fighters:

1) Jussier da Silva
2) Shinichi Kojima
3) Yasuhiro Urushitani
4) Mamoru Yamaguchi
5) Yuki Shojo
6) Rambaa Somdet
7) Ryuichi Miki
8) Alexis Vila
9) Kiyotaka Shimizu
10) Fumihiro Kitahara

Top 10 Women MMA fighters:

1) Cristiane Santos
2) Sarah Kaufman
3) Megumi Fujii
4) Miku Matsumoto
5) Tara LaRosa
6) Mei Yamaguchi
7) Yasuko Tamada
8) Seo Hee Ham
9) Rin Nakai
10) Erin Toughill


Imagine it… You’ve just stepped into the cage for a fight, the crowd is shouting, the ref has just finished his introductions. And there you are, squaring up to your opponent who, despite being in the same weight-class as you, still looks bigger, stronger and better than you! How do you feel? Nervous, overwhelmed? I bet you the adrenaline is pumping something fierce right about now. And all the MMA training you’ve undertaken for this bout has just gone out of the window, because your mind has closed in and you’re suffering from tunnel vision. You can’t remember a damn thing! So, who would you turn your mind to for guidance in this situation? Maybe you’ve got a pretty good coach or training partner who’s helped you through your training. Or maybe there’s a great fighter out there who’s inspired you in the past? Maybe you might leave it to Lady Luck herself. Then again, you could always ask yourself what Sun Tzu would have done?

For those of you wondering who Sun Tzu is, think of Ancient China from which came one of the oldest books known in the world: The Art of War by Sun Tzu. Believed to have been written over 2000 years ago by the great General Sun Tzu (literally meaning Master Sun) the book is the oldest treatise on strategy and, believe it or not, a lot of what was included in it is still highly relevant today, and not just in the fields of warfare or politics. A lot of businesspeople read Sun Tzu, just to get ahead of the competition. Seeing as this book has had a significant influence on the Martial Arts over the years as well, it seems only appropriate to consider what the man himself might have done had he competed in the octagon.

First, as any good general should do, he’d weigh up the options. What are the opportunities, what are the threats? How much internal harmony do I have as a fighter? What are my strengths and weaknesses, what about those of the opponent? What about all the external factors such as the size of the ring, the rules in operation? Even such things as the lighting in the venue and the attitude of the crowd could come into play! All these things would more than likely have been taken into consideration by Sun Tzu had he been in this position.

Secondly, he’d be aiming to plan first, then win – not go in there and just to leave it to pot luck! Planning prior to any engagement is important, and this is no less the case in an MMA fight. One thing Sun Tzu would advise anyone is not just to know your opponent, but also to know yourself as well, that is, your strengths and weaknesses ranged against that of your adversary. And you can bet your bottom dollar, Sun Tzu would have found out everything he could have done about the guy he was squaring up against! With this sort of knowledge, a very effective plan can be put into play.

What about the fighting itself? In all likelihood, Sun Tzu would have aimed to avoid that as much as possible. This may seem nonsensical, after all, isn’t MMA about fighting?! Well, I’m sure it’d be great to defeat your opponent with a single knock-out or grapple, but how often is that likely to happen? Sure, there’s gonna be fighting, but put it in Sun Tzu’s context: what you should aim to do is defeat your opponent by applying as little strength and exertion as possible. Because, at the end of the day, what you want is to out-maneuver your opponent and win, with as little impact as possible to your own energy reserves. Thus lies the basis of mastery in your style.

This brings us to another approach that Sun Tzu would take – the use of deception. Sun Tzu would aim to out-fox the opponent as much as possible, confuse him, wear him out, delude him and outwit him until he slipped up. Then he’d make the ‘disabling’ blow – attacking weakness, not strength. This is how he’d aim to triumph in the ring.

Sun Tzu would say all this is possible, which is why it’s important to treat any mixed martial arts engagement as not just a meeting of strength or a show of technique. All this is meaningless unless you have a strategy of engagement. Just like the meeting of armies on the field of battle centuries ago in Ancient China, cage fighting is a battle of wills. So, who knows, maybe next time you’re in the cage you could consider someone else to look up to as a mentor. Maybe Sun Tzu could help you win too!

If you want to know more about how to develop combat strategies and MMA mindsets such as this, check out the website


A Strikeforce fight between Andrei Arlovski and Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva has apparently been confirmed.

It has been reported and confirmed by at least one source that one time EliteXC heavyweight champion Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva is going to fight Andrei Arlovski in a Strikeforce fight on CBS.

According to Silva’s manager, Alex Davis, the rumors of the fight are true. Alex said, “We wanted to fight Brett Rogers, but he didn’t want to fight ‘Bigfoot'” and “Arlovski is a great opponent, a victory over him puts Antonio in a great situation. Our goal is to fight against the champion or Fedor.”

This should be a very good fight. Both are high caliber MMA fighters who have been at the top of their sport at one time or another. I personally think that Andrei Arlovski will win because I still remember when that man was a machine that couldn’t be stopped. But we all know that anything can and does happen in the cage.


The cast for The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 11 has been set. The coaches will be two legends of the UFC, Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz!

Here are the fighters:

Kyle Noke
Age: 29
Record: 16-4-1

Kris McCray
Age: 28
Record: 5-0

Nick Ring
Age: 30
Record: 10-0

Kyacey Uscola
Age: 28
Record: 18-15

Seth Baczynski
Age: 28
Record: 11-5

Jacen Flynn
Age: 31
Record: 8-2

Costantinos Phillippou
Age: 30
Record: 5-1

Charles Blanchard
Age: 24
Record: 7-2

Chris Camozzi
Age: 23
Record: 12-3

Josh Bryant
Age: 29
Record: 10-0

Brent Cooper
Age: 31
Record: 5-1

Rich Attonito
Age: 32
Record: 7-3

Cleburn Walker
Age: 26
Record: 9-4

Charley Lynch
Age: 25
Record: 6-0

Norman Paraisy
Age: 23
Record: 5-1

Court McGee
Age: 24
Record: 9-1

Victor O’Donnell
Age: 27
Record: 8-1

Greg Rebello
Age: 27
Record: 9-2

Jordan Smith
Age: 24
Record: 10-0

Ben Stark
Age: 27
Record: 3-1

Warren Thompson
Age: 24
Record: 5-0

Clayton McKinney
Age: 27
Record: 4-2

Woody Weatherby
Age: 27
Record: 7-3

Brad Tavares
Age: 21
Record: 4-0

James Hammortree
Age: 23
Record: 4-1

Joseph Henle
Age: 26
Record: 3-0

Lyle Steffens
Age: 27
Record: 5-2

Jamie Yager
Age: 25
Record: 2-1

Looks like some really good MMA fighters in the mix again this season. I’m sure there’s at least one future UFC champion in there somewhere.

Season 11 of “TUF” will debut March 31, 2010 on Spike TV. Apparently there will be a new format that is going to be revealed on the first episode.

I am a huge fan of both Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell so it’s hard for me to decide who to root for at this point. However, I have been a fan of Tito since way back in the day so I am leaning that way. Either way I am just ready for some exciting cage fighting action from the newcomers of the MMA/UFC sports world.


The Ultimate Fighting Championships presents UFC 111 on March 27, 2010 at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.

There are two world titles on the line in this event… The welterweight championship match between Georges St-Pierre and Dan Hardy as well as the interim heavyweight championship match between former two-time heavyweight champion Frank Mir and the number one contender Shane Carwin.

Here’s the full fight card:

Georges St-Pierre vs. Dan Hardy
Frank Mir vs. Shane Carwin
Ben Saunders vs. Jake Ellenberger
Jon Fitch vs. Thiago Alves
Jim Miller vs. Mark Bocek
Nate Dias vs. Rory Markham
Ricardo Almeida vs. Matt Brown
Kurt Pellegrino vs. Fabricio Camoes
Rodney Wallace vs. Jard Hamman
Rousimar Palhares vs. Tomasz Drwal
Matthew Riddle vs. Greg Soto

Looks like there are going to be some really good fights, as usual. I can’t wait to see these great MMA fighters battle it out in the cage!